About me

I'm a mathematician interested in Topological Quantum Field Theory. In my research I look for ways of bridging the gap between Pure Mathematics and Physics, while having as much fun with Topology as possible.

 Since September 2022 I am a Postdoc working with Ric Wade in the University of Oxford Department of Mathematics. I used to be Stipendiary Lecturer at Lincoln College (University of Oxford).  Before this, I was a Postdoc at the University of Copenhagen. Earlier, I was a DPhil (that's Oxfordian for PhD) student in Pure Mathematics at the University of Oxford, working with Chris Douglas. I'm an old member of University College. Even before that, I was a Master student in both Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Utrecht, where I wrote my Master's thesis under the supervision of André Henriques and Gleb Arutyunov. And before that, I did my Bachelor's in both Mathematics and Physics at the University of Utrecht.
My full CV can be found here.



Research Interests

My research focuses on:

  • Topological Quantum Field Theory
  • Fusion Categories
  • Cobordism Categories
  • Topological Phases of Matter
  • Duality Groups